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Nature Lodges: Travel Guide Magazine to the Top Nature and Wilderness Lodges, Vacation and Adventure Destinations, and Retreat Centers. Rare Birds of the Amazon One of the key birds here, is a relatively recent finding: 

The Endangered Wattled Curassow. Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo) is is busy little town located on the banks of the Aguas Calientes and Urubamba Rivers. It is the nearest town to Machu Picchu and its train station is the end of the line for the PeruRail train journey from Cusco to the ruins.
 First Venture into the Andes 1978:

In the bus depot all was chaos.  Dozens of campesinos pushed and shoved one another, jockeying for position in the crush to buy tickets. 
 Kuelap (Cuelap), a mountaintop fortress city in the Chachapoyas Region of Peru, rivals any ruins in the new world complete with living quarters for thousands of residents and a most impressive stone wall fortification reaching 60 feet high in circumference to the city. Surrounding Kuelap lies the mountainous and remote Vilaya Region.  Join Friends of the Yanayacu on our annual Amazon River Cruise to raise funds for the San Juan de Yanayacu Indian Community.

Cruise the mighty Amazon River aboard the 5-star Ayapua riverboat into the vast wilderness of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.  Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley of the Inca

Join Us to explore the culture, archaeology, and mystical world of the Inca. 10-days with expert guides and excellent accommodations visiting the sacred sites of the Inca and an emergence with local communities. Rare Birds of the Amazon Peru Machu Picchu Kuelap Fortress
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